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A Hometown Perspective

The Next Five Exits


For five years, I have called Richardson home, and what a difference those five years has made. Each time I pass the “Richardson Next 5 Exits” sign while heading north on Central Expressway, I reflect with amazement on the life my family has created in this community.

Growing up, I lived in two states, seven cities and six homes, and my husband and I have resided in four cities during our 15 years of marriage. As a result, I have become a bit addicted to the hunt for the new place and the thrill of the move. While I have so many friends from each city and stage of my life, I always felt I missed out on that “hometown” experience. That changed when we moved to Richardson.

After some time in San Antonio, our family had the opportunity to move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With two kids in tow, we looked for an established, tree-filled neighborhood with good schools and a reasonable commute to downtown. We found those wish-list items in Richardson’s Sherrill Park neighborhood and were happy to enroll our first-grader in the award-winning Plano Independent School District. I joined the PTA, started volunteering in the classroom and had the occasional lunch with my daughter at school. Gradually, I met a mom or two and then another. A birthday party here and a field day there led to both play dates and happy hours. Our family created a social life that revolved around the neighbors and families from the elementary school.

I joined the YMCA and soon discovered a gal I knew from school was also an exercise instructor. We joined a church and found many familiar friends. Church then led to us to join a small group comprised of Richardson neighbors and classmates where we treasure fellowship and deeper friendships. Last year, I became a member of the Richardson Woman’s Club and was introduced to even more incredible people rooted in this community.

Each year, my family becomes more and more involved in our city, school and church, further strengthening our Richardson network. Today, whenever we dine out or shop around town, we run into people we call friends.

Instead of being just another stop along the way, Richardson has evolved into our forever home, and I take great pride in my city. Even better? I finally found that hometown to love, a place that continues to provide opportunities for discovery.

After moving many times in her life Geri Hieronymus finally found a town to call home.

Those Hometown Five Exits
After adopting Richardson as her own, Geri Hieronymus has spent time exploring the city. Here, she shares her secret, and not-so-secret, spots located just off of Central Expressway that make her life both fuller and easier to manage.

Exit 23: Spring Valley Road
The Shoemaker Service
Heinley’s Car Care Center

Exit 24: Belt Line Road/Main Street
Cake Carousel
Bruce Miller Nursery
Six Springs Tavern
Free Play Richardson
Quiggly’s Clayhouse

Exit 25: Arapaho Road
Seconds and Surplus
Precision Gymnastics and Tumbling

Exit 26: Campbell Road/Galatyn Parkway
Carmel Car Wash
Sun Lee Taekwondo
Uptown Cheapskate

Exit 27: Renner Road
Reef Point Yoga
The Wine Authority
Sweet Firefly



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