Bawarchi Biyani Point


 It was a beautiful, crisp, fall day as I entered the modern, stark white yet inviting atmosphere of one of Richardson’s newest restaurants at the Eastside complex that opened in January of this year, Bawarchi Biryani Point.

 I was there to interview Sri, one of the owners of Barwarchi Biyani Point Richardson, about his new pan Indian restaurant. Sri grew up in Southern India, but now considers Richardson home. He graduated with master’s degree from UT Dallas in the late ’90s, but during his early years going to school and working in the area he became dissatisfied with the Indian restaurant options. He would drive to Bawarchi in Plano, one of the four locations in the Metroplex started by founder Surrya, who also met us for lunch. Sri and his two partners, Ram and Prakash, had a passion to bring a large variety of the best ingredients and authentic Indian cuisine back to the area. They want to make Richardson the center of the Indian restaurant scene in DFW—like it was years ago.

 “It is not just about the food,” Sri says. “It is about the generations of chefs who kept the cooking traditions alive.” The name “Bawarchi” means chef and pays homage to them. He told me that “Biryani” found in the restaurant’s name is actually its specialty dish. He recalls as a child his mom making variations of the dish and that every mom in India makes their own version with their own blend of spices cooked into the meat. “This is our specialty which consists of meat (hormone and antibiotic free) of your choice or vegetables cooked with spices layered with basmati rice.”

 Their menu is quite large, but Sri commented that this is because the cuisine includes influences from regions throughout Asia, including China, northwest India near Pakistan where you’d find Tandoori smoker ovens and spicier dishes originating from South India. Favorite dishes at Bawarchi include chicken tikka masala, the national dish of Britain, hyderabadi-style dum biryani and tandoori kabobs. My favorite main dish is the lamb korma with its smooth slightly red curry sauce and delicate chunks of lamb. Not all dishes are spicy, but if it is a bit hot you still enjoy lots of flavor. There are also many vegan dishes denoted by a green “v” on the menu.

 “In Southern India you have snacks called tiffins any time during the day, and tiffin literally means ‘in between meals,’” Sri explained.

 Bawarchi serves these snacks throughout the day, and Sri has noticed a trend evolving where customers come in and order tea and tiffins during a break before returning to work. The tiffin I tried is the dosa, a huge crepe made of rice and lentils, filled with potato curry and served with a selection of chutneys. My favorite accompaniment was made with coconut, but they were all delicious. Each of the tastes created a varied experience of dipping!

 At Bawarchi, you will experience a variety of tastes influenced by areas around the world in just one visit. So if you are facing the same old choices of BBQ, burgers or Tex-Mex, consider a new dining experience waiting for you just around the corner.

Bawarchi has fast counter ordering for lunch with a beautiful sit down atmosphere. Order online for fast pick up, or use the online delivery service DoorDash from Bawarchi’s website. The restaurant is also available for catering large events and corporate lunch boxes. And don’t miss happy hour Monday through Friday, 4-6:30 p.m. (Tea for $1, beer and wine half price, snack food specials)