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Sweet Tidbits


You know Valentine’s Day is near when grocery store shelves are lined with boxes of those cutesy, chalky confections known as Sweethearts.

Here are a few things that you may not know about those tiny bites of love:

•    The first conversation hearts were created in 1866 when Daniel Chase devised a machine that would press food dye letters onto the candy lozenges made famous by his brother Oliver, founder of NECCO Wafers.
•    Nearly 100,000 pounds of these iconic candy hearts are produced each day in preparation for Valentine’s Day. This is about 8 billion annually.
•    Sweethearts make up 40 percent of the Valentine’s Day candy market.
•    Ten new phrases are introduced each year, with social media terms recently added to the mix of messages.
•    Individuals can order personalized candy hearts, but Jan. 22 is the cut-off for custom Valentine’s Day orders.

About the author

Erica Yaeger Mom of two, multi-tasker and idea generator. By day I am assistant dean of development and alumni relations at the Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas. By night I am an avid reader, writer and champion of all things Richardson related.